Friday, 6 April 2012

Holy Wound

O tenderly worded palm inscribed;
the hand that bleeds is the hand that guides;
crushed, the finger pointing to hallowed skies;
from none, 
from one, 
from her, from all derived           tenderly;
O wounded palm, I'll touch Thy blood to doubt.

skin tethered, en-skinned text;
the word spoken speaks, blesses, is blest;
presses palm to heart, prays, is prayed, is pressed;
laments, is lamented, suffers, comes to rest.

from above
from blood,
for blood;
from flesh 
to flesh to give;
Life taking up life, 
to die to live.
to wound the Wound 
to mend It;
forsaken of grace 
to send it;
deprived of aid 
to lend it;
succumbed to sorrow
to fend it
at last away and forever. 

O tenderly worded palm inscribed
by Adam's deed,
by Eve's vale-low cries;
from love, for love
from the Father,
with the Dove,
Take my palm in thine 
and glove 
it with thine own.

jordan dejonge

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