Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Steadfast Changeless Shore

"But I'll not fear. I will not weep
For those whose bodies rest in sleep,-
I know there is a blessed shore,
Opening its ports for me and mine
And, gazing Time's wide waters o'ver,
I weary for that land divine,
Where we were born, where you and I
Shall meet our dearest, when we die
From suffering and corruption free,
Restored into the Deity."
"Well hast thou spoken, sweet, trustful child!
And wiser than thy sire:
And worldly tempests, raging wild,
Shall strengthen thy desire-
Thy fervent hope, through storm and foam.
Through wind and ocean's roar,
To reach, at last, the eternal home,
The steadfast changeless shore!" 

(from "Faith and Despondency", Charlotte Bronte) 

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