Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shovelling Snow

Twilight has set out,
Laying frigidity from the east;
Over the pine tops;
Soldiered, looming trees,
Forever emerald. Though
Night wraps up colour
In halved secrets-
All but white,
See, the wind too exhales in white.

And breathes it on the windows,
Down buttoned, winter coats;
Like the seed of eldered dandelion. 
It kisses the face
That warms it to a sting,
Planting no life.

Here silence and the cold are a single thing.
I yield a praying, whitened sigh
While through the air they constrict the chest.
The valley, hallowed out of sound
In quiet, wintered death
Seems permanent below with a graveyard peace
While the things of summer have their rest. 

jordan dejonge


  1. My favourite part:

    See, the wind too exhales in white.
    And breathes it on the windows...


  2. I love the snow. Having been taken to live in the tropics when I was 7 years old, it was one of the things I missed most about home, and since I have been back, I get incredibly excited at the sight of snow. At first I try to pretend that I only like to see it from the other side of a pane of glass but then my inner child gets released, and with gleeful abandon I find myself out in it, making snow-bishops.

    Do I need help?

  3. No, you definitely don't need help. (Though snow bishops might be a little weird :P)

    I love the snow too, when its pristine and not dirtied by cars and too many foot prints.